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What You'll Learn With TIGME Course:

This ground breaking class will teach you everything you need to know about the modeling industry in today's climate and how to transform your skills as a model.

  • Break down of the modeling industry. Helping you understand different types of modeling, picking a niche, and how to excel in it.

  • Techniques to look more like a model. You'll learn TOP MODEL tips on how to switch up your apparence in order to gain attention from brands/agencies. Girl, we're talking all things hair, beauty, and health!

  • How to amplify your presence with personal branding and digimarketing. Receive first class tips to get your name out there. Social media modeling (aka influencer marketing) with fashion modeling makes you 2 times the income and 2 times the model.

  • Everything you need to know about agency submission, freelance modeling, and being your own model boss.

  • How to spot scammers, predators, and abusers in the industry.

  • Don't just stand in front of the camera, OWN IT! Be the best poser anyone has ever seen. Learn how angles, camera settings, and lighting can effect your posing. Don't know how to take AMAZING photos? No worries, you'll learn that too.

  • Learn my SECRET method on growing a massive platform as a model.

  • Tips on handling rejection, building confidence, and understanding your life purpose to help you shine in modeling and in REAL LIFE.

  • Catwalk like a pro, emote(acting) like no other, and put on a FACE for fashion. Learn the difference between social modeling and fashion modeling so you know when to turn it on/off.

  • Social media "Yes Girl"'s & "Oh No No"'s to keep you off the "she's not a model" list.



This is your chance to learn how Brielle Anyea, created her own lane in modeling and how YOU can TOO! If you have a camera, passion, and plan, then YOU are a MODEL. With over 5+ years of experience AND successfully reaching 6 figures in 2019, she is a worthy coach to obtain REAL advice. Brielle has seen every aspect of the industry. The highs and lows, and the overcoming moments as a plus-sized model. If you're just getting started, tired of hitting a dead end with modeling, don't understand WHY you keep getting REJECTED from agencies, want to dive into a fun hobby, or just need a little guidance from an expert, consider this the new aged instructional on climbing the industry ladder! You'll learn from a TOP curve model on how to navigate the industry and make it your own.


Get into these MODEL FREEBIES as a thank you for investing in yourself!

  • Bonus material

    Learn my SECRET METHOD that helps with growing a massive platform on social media. Having a great platform elevates your modeling career! Get attention from brands on social media when you can't get them through an agency.

  • Bonus material

    A storytime as well as a Q&A with myself and another fellow industry leader. Get REAL first-hand, relatable experiences that will give you insight on how the industry works. Use our stories to help you on your journey.

  • Bonus material

    Get one FREE 90-minute group-model coaching session with BRIELLE ANYEA! This will be the time to ask any questions you have about the industry, receive help with posing, or gain NEW tips to utilize on your own.

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Brielle's Story

Back story on why I started TIGME

I was once in your shoes beau! I remember 7+ years ago wanting to get into modeling but not having a CLUE on where to START.

I spent so much time researching that my head felt like it was going to explode. There weren't many models spilling the tea on how to GET IN.

So I had to learn everything on my own as a 20 year old, in one of the most young-artist-predatorial cities (Los Angeles), ALONE. 

I ended up coming into the modeling industry very naive and hungry for anything. I found myself being lured in for sketchy model jobs, OVER spending on unnecessary things and going in circles with agency submissions. 

Once I got signed, I thought my life would change, but it DID NOT. There was still so much information about the modeling industry I knew nothing about.

I was not the best at POSING, I had no idea what a MODEL BUDGET was, and NEGOTIATION was not apart of my repertoire. I was LOSING. 

Don't get me started on feeling like I didn't fit in because of my SIZE and background. It was difficult handling rejection and blunt comments about my body/appearance. I just wanted to GIVE UP.

In 2017, I ALMOST DID. I was through being the industry's rag doll. Not getting jobs, being stuck in terrible contracts, and not having a personal brand really took a toll on me. It was so bad, I had to move back in with my parent. It was a mess.

So in my mom's home, I made a vow that in 2018, I would move back to LA and give the industry all I got using the lessons I learned and new formula I created to grow as a model. AND GUESS WHAT?


Not only did I grow my name as a model, but I also gained new clients left and right all over the WORLD, TRAVELED to new countries, went viral, walked in several fashion weeks, featured on TV, been an empowerment panelist speaker, became a prestige model for a magazine, MADE MY FIRST 6 FIGURES IN 2019, and more! All within 2 YEARS!!

I finally PERFECTED my own formula and carved my own lane in the modeling industry, all why staying true to who I am.

I no longer have the need to assimilate and fit in. I'm getting booked as "Brielle Anyea" the BRAND. 

After extensive research, trial/errors/ and a ton of lessons learned, I finally had my breakthrough moment! 

NOW, I want to help you receive yours. I'm not here to make any weird promises like " I'll get you signed tomorrow" or "These clients are going to book you today if you work with me". NO. That's false information and you shouldn't work with any coach that promises those things because that is not how the modeling industry works.

I'm here to teach you about MODELING and the necessary TOOLS to HELP you gain a new skill set. 

You'll be well-prepped for wherever the industry takes you. Whether that is getting signed, becoming a freelance model, or simply doing it for fun!

I want to save you time, money, and keep you safe by having all of this valuable information (Estimated value of $3,795) in ONE place. 

I can't wait to meet you and help you become a BEYOND STELLAR model!

They aren't ready for you beau.

Peace & Blessings, 

Brielle xoxo

Meet Your Model Coach

"When you're in line with your true purpose, that's when the magic happens."


Brielle Anyea

Brielle Anyea, born in "charm city" known as Baltimore, MD always had a vision for her world. She had dreams of becoming a successful career woman in fashion & entertainment. She grew up modeling, performing, and designing in her local community from ages 7-18. When Brielle graduated high school, she knew exactly what she wanted to do! Without hesitation, Brielle broke from her nest and went to college in Maryland AND California to study Business and Theatre. After seeing major representation gaps within entertainment and fashion, Brielle decided to become a full-time plus-sized model, grow her brand, with hopes of helping women all over the world gain confidence and go after any career no matter what size, shape, or ethnicity they are. It worked! Not only did Brielle build a personal brand as a top plus-sized model, but she also gained a massive platform on social media (over 100,000 supporters) which elevated her career. Brielle has worked for numerous brands all over the world, internationally signed, featured in several popular magazines, interviewed on several major news' sites, seen on TV, spoke at events, and walked in several fashion weeks. She has no plan of stopping anytime soon. And she wants to help YOU TRANSFORM YOUR CAREER!!


Answers to the most popular questions.

  • How old I have to be to purchase this course experience?

    You can be any age above 16! We welcome women of all ages at TIGME. If you are under 18, you will need your parent or guardian's permission.

  • What size do I have to be to model?

    You can be any size! Join this course and I will give you REAL information on size and modeling.

  • Is this for me?

    This model course is for you if: -You are struggling to get started with modeling. -You started modeling but haven't seen much progression and don't know why. -You want to gain first-hand insights on the modeling industry. -You need help with posing. -You need help with branding yourself as a model. -You need methods to gain agencies/brands' attention. Literally everything about modeling!

  • Please help! How do I get started with modeling??

    Have a clear mind and a positive attitude, ready to learn. You are learning a new field that will require time, money, and patience! Sign up and I'll teach you everything you NEED.

Social proof: testimonials

Aspiring Model A.A

Names & faces hidden for confidentiality. I respect all of my queens by only showing their statements. These are REAL messages from REAL women that have received modeling advice from me via social media.

"You have given me the inspiration to pursue my purpose as a model."

Signed Model

Names & faces hidden for confidentiality. I respect all of my queens by only showing their statements. These are REAL messages from REAL women that have received modeling advice from me via social media.

"I know I've told you before but you are genuinely so inspiring and the fact that you really be out here having our backs and teaching us, advising us from the kindness of your heart, makes you a real one in my eyes."


Names & faces hidden for confidentiality. I respect all of my queens by only showing their statements. These are REAL messages from REAL women that have received modeling advice from me via social media.

"I love how the industry has evolved over the years, and you for sure are a TRAILBLAZER."

Just a few of MANY brands Brielle Anyea has successfully modeled for or been featured in:

You'll be learning from a PRO.